Community Support
We build relationships with our customers, suppliers and the local communities which we serve by encouraging our Partners to consider the needs of others and involve themselves in public service.

Our biggest contribution to the community is through creation of employment both in the farms and packhouses. This has helped improve the income and locals e.g. in Simba moving from unsustainable practices like charcoal burning and cattle rustling.

We have employed so far more than 3,200 people in our farms and packhouses.

We listen to the community right from the time we buy the farms and become part of them by supporting them. Examples of some of our community projects are described below.

Thika farm 
  • Gikono dispensary - Thika Farm has given a lot of support to Gikono dispensary both in terms of equipments, monetary and logistics. Lately the company donated a Fridge to the dispensary to enable storage of samples and other vaccines. We provide daily transport for the Station Nurse to and from work covering a distance of about 30 km.
  • Future support - The dispensary has approached the company to support the construction of a maternity wing at a cost of Ksh 200,000.
  • Road repair - The road just after the tarmac is in dire state and the company is planning to participate in the construction of the road linking the farms and the village.
  • Drinking water - Hippo Farm does not have access to municipal water supply. We run a modern water treatment plant (sand and cartridge filtration units, UV filtration and chlorination). We provide the community with potable drinking and domestic water. This has tremendously reduced cases of water borne diseases in the area.

Chestnut farm
  • We are continuously supporting the Airstrip primary school i.e. we have built two classes at this school and we continue with further support and assistance. We have also identified the need to construct sanitation facilities for the school.
  • Our nursery donates seedlings to the community in a bid to improve the forest cover as we are passionate about environmental degradation.

Turi farm
  • We assisted in building two classes and two toilets for Kamangura water project school.
  • Supporting the water system to the locals it costs Ksh 30,000 per month.
  • We contributed with Ksh 200, for a repair of Burguret road, a nearby access road.

Simba Farm
  • There is a proposal to build a modern clinic/hospital in the farm. This shall be done in partnership with AAR/any other medical service provider. The essence of having this done is to first have our workers treated and fit/healthy to work. The local community shall also gain in that they shall also receive medical attention from the hospital. Qualified medical practitioners shall run this facility.
  • The farm has maintained and improved the road to and outside the farm. The roads serve the local communities too. This has improved inter town, inter communities communication. Accessibility to the near schools, dispensaries, markets and other places have been made easier. Accessibility to work place is also now fast and safe. With the improved murrum roads, security around the area is also improved. More police patrols are done from the police camp within the farm.
  • Police Post: AAA has funded building of police post and houses for police officers within the farm. Insecurity in the area has been a big concern and we are happy that since this initiative cases of insecurity have dropped. We also provide support for Police patrols.

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