We operate seedling nurseries in all our farms which we donate to the local community. Seedlings are donated through the Chiefs who use their influence to mobilise the community. We have set aside sections for tree planting and annually a target is set for the number of trees to be planted within the areas we operate in. 

Thika farm 
  • Water Hyacinth removal - The water hyacinth is threatening the livelihood of the community as the dam that serves them is choked by this weed. Several attempts to manually eradicate the weed is not bearing fruit so the company has a budget of Ksh 300,000 to fight this menace. And to put the weed debris into productive use by establishing effective composting process on the same. This would reduce use of synthetic fertilizers and help conditioning the soils.

Chestnut farm
  • Expansion of farm wetland with a capacity to accommodate all waste water from the pack house area.
  • Replacement of all eucalyptus trees next to the river with agro forestry compatible species. Eucalyptus takes more water thus need to be replaced with trees that have low demand for water which include pine, cyprus, grivelia and croton among many others.

Turi farm

Supporting BRWUA with;

  • Tree planting and training materials at Ksh 10,000 after every 3 months.
  • Transport especially during the meetings day and with education on good water management systems.
  • Supporting tree planting day in Mt Kenya Gathiuru Forest at a cost of Ksh 25,000.

Simba Farm
  • There is replanting of indigenous trees along the river. So far 2,000 – 3,000 trees have been planted. More trees still are being planted around the farm. Up to 400 trees have been planted along the roses green house. The forestation shall improve the eco system within and outside the farm. The trees shall act as wind breaks, provide shade, filter the air, and even add beauty to the farm.
  • There is a bee keeping project in the farm. This is done in conjunction with Honey Care Africa. A total of 200 Kenya Top Bar hives have been placed on trees around the farm at strategic points in forested areas within the farm. The bees as we all know are beneficial insects. They are aiding in pollination. From the bees, honey shall be harvested from the hives. Total cost for this is Ksh 1 million.
  • Laikipia Wildlife Forum : Simba Farm is a member of the Laikipia Wildlife Forum (Rumurutu Forest Association) and we have pledged to support conservation works in support of Rumuruti Forest).

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