Social Compliance
  • Meeting the Demand for Social Responsibility - Our supply chain workplace conditions under which our products are manufactured have become a dimension of quality and an important part of the AAA business value proposition. These factors are becoming critical assets in growing and maintaining our point of difference.
  • Worker’s Welfare - Each of our farms have a vibrant workers welfare committee.

Our obligation is to recognise the National Labour laws of Kenya and all our customer requirements relating to Ethical issues

  • Sedex ,Smeta Guidelines and ETI Implementation:
    • We recognise the ETI standard and the following clauses are our guideline:
    • No forced or bonded labour
    • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
    • Healthy and safe working conditions
    • No Child labour and young workers
    • National minimum wage
    • Non-discrimination
    • Maximum hours of work
    • Disciplinary practices
    • Security of employment (right to clear and written terms of employment)
  • All our farms are registered on Sedex and Reg Numbers as below :
    • Thika farm: PS 954615527606
    • Chestnut farm: PS 630429348130
    • Turi farm: PS 710440237797
    • Simba farm: P000000044154

Contacting us
AAA Growers Limited
Head Office: Mzima House, Mzima Springs Road
P.O. Box 32201 - 00600, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-20-4453970/1/2/3/4
Fax: +254-20-4453975
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