AAA Roses currently has over 70 hectares of greenhouse production in roses, and this production is from 2 separate farms. The farms are specifically chosen to ensure the conditions help produce the highest quality and long-lasting roses to service each section of the market. The company continually invests into its infrastructure, variety selection, and so far, has expanded its rose production annually.

Bellissima - Chui Farm in Timau

This farm is the specialist high altitude flower farm producing a deluxe rose, which is sold under the Bellissima collection. The range is separated into Platinum (6.5cm), Gold+ (6cm) and Gold (5.5cm)
Chui farm is over 30 hectares and stands at 2,500 metres above sea level, on the foot hills of Mount Kenya. The location enables the growing of large head sizes and long stems; which in turn, provide an exceptionally long-lasting rose.

AAA Roses - Simba Farm in Nyahururu

Simba Farm grows over 40 hectares of premium roses. At this farm there are three categories to choose from which enable the client to buy for different markets.
The range is separated into Silver+ (5cm), Silver (4.5cm) and Bronze (4cm) to suit the individual customer requirements and budget.


AAA Roses’ aim is to grow high quality roses and provide our customers with a product with guaranteed vase life, stable quality and fine packaging. Quality procedures are in place at every stage of the process to ensure we meet specific requirements of all our clients.


To achieve customer’s satisfaction the company has invested in its workers through trainings on various issues mainly on health and safety protocols. Having been in existence only since 2011 the company is committed to subscribing with global labels such as Fair trade, MPS, Global GAP and ETI, to enhance its credible social responsibility through fair play. Presently the company is subscribed to MPS ABC and proudly credited with an A qualification. Our Chui Farm will be Fair trade by the end of the year

Integrated Pest Management

To reduce the negative impact on the environment the company has adopted both IPM and ICM strategies in its endeavour to produce disease and pest free products. Having qualified scouts on the ground who will identify and mark spots of either pest or diseases, an action plan is initiated to handle the situation following the developed standard operating procedures of the said problems. Use of both biological and chemical intervention is considered as the last resort after all cultural methods have been done. Management has laid out strategies based on balanced score card, where Capital and finance, providing environment to learn and grow, and customer satisfaction. Developing learning and guidance through standard operating procedure for technical department, field, and pack house the company has made considerable strides towards consolidating and standardizing its operations.

Production Process

As an ever expanding and developing business AAA constantly strives to be the best it can be and understands that growing is an art. As such, focus is on every single aspect of the business - starting from the variety selection, to growing, post-harvest treatment, sales and the after sales service.

Growing & harvesting

The company’s highly skilled and professional team have established a modern and efficient crop management system and first-class controls within both the fields and the grading hall. Each of the farms have a bespoke pack house on site, so the flowers are picked and packed on the same location, with minimal transit between the fields and pack house. Roses are harvested two to three times a day to ensure the optimum quality and cut stage of each stem. Roses are immediately transported into the grading hall in buckets with post-harvest solution where they are cooled for a minimum of 4-6 hours and then processed and cooled again before dispatch.

Packing & grading

Immediately after arrival to the grading hall all flowers are inspected by the intake quality controllers. After a minimum of 4-6 hours of pre-cooling each single stem is sized, defoliated, graded and checked in different parameters i.e. cut stage, shape, colour, size, damages if any, strength, straightness of the stem and bud size. Bunches are then packed in line with our customer specifications. We use the finest quality packaging materials to ensure the flowers arrive in the best possible condition to the final customer.